Yin Yoga foundations
Teacher Training Highlights

Yin yoga teacher training, the foundations, is based on learning how to practice and teach functional anatomy, which will help you to develop a functional approach to the practice and teachings of yin yoga, as well as learning how to embrace the energetic qualities of this quiet practice

Teaching or practicing Yin Yoga provides an opportunity to deeply reach parts of ourselves as in everyday life may not get that much space. We live in a culture characterized by yang; of the fast, innovative and efficient – a constant expanding. Yin Yoga offers a counterweight to this, a meeting with yourself as you are, without agendas. It emphasizes simplicity, silence and empathy

During this training you will learn how to teach Yin Yoga out of a functional approach instead of an aesthetic or performance-related view of yoga, with the purpose of creating a meaningful experience for both you as a teacher and your students, to explore individualized yoga. You will study Yin Yoga with a therapeutic and individualized approach and promote awareness of what happens throughout the human body on a physical and energetic level.

The basic course (50 hours) covers the basics of Yin Yoga with a great focus on anatomy and personalized yoga. We go through anatomy applicable to all yoga, but focus primarily on the tissues that Yin Yoga intends to influence, such as fascia. We analyze the positions commonly used in Yin Yoga based on so-called “target areas” and “skeletal variations”. All in order to be able to modify positions so that they fit every unique individual

What you’ll learn

  • Yin and Yang description of Yoga Asana

  • Aesthetic vs Functional Yoga Practice

  • Theory of Exercise

  • Three layers of a joint

  • Tension and compression

  • Skeletal Variations

  • The “thigh mandala”: muscle groups and target areas of the thigh

  • Movement analysis: hips and spine

  • Fascia Studies: current research

  • Qi flow in fascia

  • Sequencing in Yin Yoga

  • Teaching of Rebound in Yin Yoga

  • How to teach functional Yoga

  • Variations, props and modifications in Yin Yoga

  • Analysis of yin yoga asanas

She taught me to love the practice. She showed me how to find stillness even when I was teetering on the borderline between comfort and pain. Holding to my edge without crossing the line. She taught me to connect deeply while sitting in that stillness that Yin Yoga brings
— Denise Conway

What you’ll get


50 hrs of Yoga Alliance continuing educational hours
MANUAL written by Sofie Ringsten
Recommended littérature list for deepening studies
A unique approach to Yin Yoga based on experience and science


This education is aimed at those who want to create an in-depth understanding of Yin Yoga and wish to teach this method

You have completed at least one 200-hour basic education in yoga, and have a regular yoga practice. (Exceptions from 200 hours may be given in some cases).

The aim is that you, after this education, feel safe with Yin Yoga as a method and that the knowledge is available for applying its principles in your own practice and teaching