Yin Yoga The five elements
Teacher Training Highlights

During this continuing education, we go deeper into the concept of Yin Yoga and study the energetic impact of this practice on the body from an eastern perspective, based on traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy. We build on our knowledge from the foundation course and apply modern meridian theory and five element theory to our Yin Yoga practice. We practice Yin Yoga in combination with Yang sequences based on Qigong, as well as learn an Assisted Yin Yoga sequence to immerse ourselves in the therapeutic parts of Yin Yoga

The education is aimed at those who already have a foundation training in Yin Yoga (50 hours minimum) who long for further deepening studies

After completing education, you have additional tools to develop your role as Yin Yoga teacher and feel more secure in teaching Yin Yoga both from a functional, therapeutic and philosophical perspective

You have opened my eyes to a whole new world that will affect everything I practice, both yang and yin yoga, such as SUP, meditation (yes, even meditation!) and everything else I do, forever
— Judie Månson, yoga teacher

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of TCM

  • Yin and Yang philosophy

  • Zang Fu organ system

  • Modern Meridian Theory

  • Theory of Qi

  • Types of Qi

  • Meridians and fascia

  • Meridians and the five phases

  • Meridians and the five feelings

  • Organ studies: physical, mental, emotional

  • What “item” are you

  • Yin and Yang Yoga fusion

  • Yin Yoga Meridian Sequences

  • Qigong flows

  • Assisted Yin Yoga: Private Yoga one-on-one

What you’ll get


50 hrs of Yoga Alliance continuing educational hours
MANUAL written by Sofie Ringsten
Recommended littérature list for deepening studies
A unique approach to Yin Yoga based on experience and science


This education is aimed at those who already teach Yin Yoga and want to create an in-depth understanding of Yin Yoga in a fusion with the five element theory (Chinese medicine)