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Dao Labs

As a Chinese medicine practitioner, herbs is an important role in my work. I have chosen not to work with the herbs in the old fashion way though, since Chinese herbs are a bit difficult for me to provide while living and practicing Chinese medicine in Sweden and Maldives.

When I found Dao Labs I was beyond happy, since these amazing people have made Chinese medicine easy to use for the modern people on the go. Don’t get me wrong, I love the “original” way, but TCM made modern is amazing for my clients as they need the herbal medicine to be “easy” in their daily lives. And for me, as a traveling teacher and acupuncturist, Dao Labs is THE best. My bags always contains a few of these herbs - all I have to do is add water!

My favourite Dao Labs products are the Women’s formula herbs. I use it every month to keep myself balanced throughout my cycle. Keeps my hormones in check. And as a traveling human commuting between Sweden and Maldives, I always use the Cold and Allergy version for staying healthy up in the air.

Digestive harmony is always close to me, at home or in a bag. It will keep my digestive system in track. If my digestive system is working - yeah, its all working.

Ateljé Stockholm scarf/towel

On the beach - as a sarong or beach towel. At home - as towel or decoration. Over my head - during meditation. As a yoga mat - for my yin yoga practice.

This towel is amazing. I use it everywhere. It´s basically always in my bag - all year round. In Sweden I sometimes use it as a scarf during cold days. And it follows me to Maldives where I use it as sun protection. Versatile, indeed. And organic!

I chose the color blue because of my #bluemind - but you can get it in different colours too.



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