Where does anything start?


With a thought? A dream? A story?

I don’t know the answer to that. Just as I don’t know exactly when my journey into the world of yoga and Chinese medicine started. Was it when I lost a family member due to suicide when I was 12, and started to ponder about life? Or was it when I was 16 and bought my first book about meditation? Or was it in fact that day when I was hit with a wooden pole on my head in duty as a police officer, that my journey into the life as a full time yoga teacher, teachers trainer and Chinese medicine practitioner was just as real as all the pain I had felt during life…

I don’t feel the need to answer that question. Neither for myself or anyone else, because what matters is that my path in life led me to where I am today, commuting between Sweden and my second home Maldives, working as an acupuncturist as well as facilitating teacher trainings and retreats in Yin Yoga, with a dash of SUP Yoga.

As pioneer of SUP Yoga in Sweden in collaboration with Surfbussen, I’ve got to see the love for ocean related yoga grow from start. As a respond to that increasing demand for SUP Yoga, I’ve been teaching SUP Yoga teacher trainings with requests from all over the world.

Nevertheless, my core teaching is Yin Yoga and Chinese medicine, with all its goodness…

I have lived with chronic pain, suffering from injuries such as whiplash pain and emotional pain. Today, I live a life free from whiplash and what I would call a pretty much pain-free life. I mean, pain is human, and just being a living human being means dealing with pain, right? But through Yin Yoga and Chinese medicine I am no longer in pain because of whiplash. And you don’t have to be in pain either, whether its physical or emotional.

My studies range from studies in pedagogy and human rights, to police academy and crisis therapy, to trainings in Hatha Yoga, Advanced Therapeutic Yoga, Yin Yoga and Acupuncture. I am grateful for all my trainings, and especially my studies with the founder of Yin Yoga, Paul Grilley, as my studies with doctors of Chinese medicine in China.

I have lived life as an elite athlete in martial arts, twelve years a a street cop, suffering pain through ultra marathons, riding waves surfing the ocean, becoming a mother to a beautiful boy and finding love in Maldives. Just to mention some of the amazing things I’ve yet get to enjoy.

I have a clear vision. That is to share Yin Yoga and Acupuncture, to help humans feel and live better in their own bodies.

Where does your healing journey start?



Some of my studies / education:

Pedagogy, Human rights, Anatomy, Hinduism/Buddhism and Crisis therapy at University level

Police Academy and courses within the police force as instructor and mentor in tactics and health

Hatha Yoga teacher training, Yin Yoga teacher training(s), Advanced Therapeutic Yoga teacher training, Qigong training
in Sweden, Thailand and California

Acupuncture studies through hospital in Beijing, China
etc. etc.

Example of clients in yoga/meditation:

Groups in the Swedish police force, Google Sweden, Swedish national team in climbing

You have opened my eyes to a whole new world that will affect everything I practice, both yang and yin yoga, such as SUP, meditation (yes, even meditation!) and everything else I do, forever
— Judie Månson