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Yin Yoga & Breath Awareness for athletes with Sofie Ringsten & Annelie Pompe

  • Yogayama 6 Skanstorget Göteborg Sweden (map)

Yin Yoga & Breath Awareness for athletes with Sofie Ringsten & Annelie Pompe

Yin Yoga for athletes – with Sofie Ringsten

Incorporating yoga and breath awareness into your current athletic programming is an excellent performance and mobility enhancer. In this five-hour workshop for surfers and other athletes, we´ll be focusing on yoga for injury prevention and recovery, as well as how to breathe better and hold your breath. Yin Yoga accesses the joints, ligaments and tendons (fascia), “the other 50% of the body” that you don’t exercise in sports, conventional yoga and even day-to-day activities. We tend to focus solely on our muscles and forget the fascia, until something breaks down and we start to feel it and seek solutions.Yin Yoga extends and strengthens the deep layers of fascia that encapsulates the body, and is often known as yoga for the joints. It´s an exceptionally beneficial practice for athletes as it can prolong athletic performance. Though Yin Yoga accesses all parts of the body, it concentrates predominantly on the lower half of the body. An athlete’s thighs: hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and IT Band – are high traffic areas, used in running, surfing etc. The hip flexors, adductors and abductors are also important muscles for athletes. With the average of 3 to 5 minute holds in each yin yoga pose, we gently ‘melt down’ the fascia surrounding the muscles in those areas well used in sport, bringing the fascia to a more liquid, pliable and mobile phase.

Breathe better & hold your breath – with Annelie Pompe

As a surfer your breath is important, not only when you might get pulled down by a wave, but to stay calm and focused. As a runner, or other athlete, you also benefit from learning how to breathe and use your breath more effectively. You breathe every day, but how aware are you of your breath? In this workshop you´ll get tools to get to know your breath fully, how to get more oxygen into your lungs per breath, how to breath better as well as being comfortable holding your breath. Your teacher, Annelie Pompe, can hold her breath for 6 minutes and free dive to 126m as well as endure low oxygen levels in the Himalayas. It’s all about breathing well.

All levels welcome – and all athletes welcome!

The class will be taught in Swedish or English depending on the students.

Sofie Ringsten: Yoga teacher, stand up paddle surfer and ultra-runner. Ex police officer. One of Sweden´s leading Yin Yoga teachers and trainers. SUP Yoga pioneer in Sweden, and founder of Maldives School of Yoga. Acupuncturist trained in China. Lives in Sweden and Maldives. 

Annelie Pompe: Professional adventurer, motivational speaker, personal trainer and life coach. World record holder in free diving. Loves surfing, yoga, kayaking and outdoor living. Author of two

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